About Us

We want to provide new and interesting topics to our readers. My goal as the founder of AMCPress. I want to make AMCPress grow and become a nonprofit organization. I want to start speaking about AMCPress and my struggles with Aspergers Syndrome. I see AMCPress being an non judgement organization. We do want to make the site fun and interesting.

AMCPress is a gathering threshold of rookie and veteran bloggers who just have inspiration in their DNA. Founders Alison Cicci and Bernard Vincavage have been close friends since the fifth grade and through their trials and tribulations created this blog to connect with one another daily but also would like to invite others to blog alongside them.

AMCPress values

  • Friendship – promoting friendship in different forms.
  • Leadership – Promote leadership in many different ways. We also to promote leadership in our posts with getting guests on our blog talk show.
  • Advocacy – Advocating on different subjects of interests
  • Creativity – Promote creativity in all forms as a means of expressing ourselves
  • Diversity – Talk about topics of a blogger’s with having respect for the opinions of others

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AMCPress&Co stands for Advocacy, Merits, Courage, and the ‘press’ part is because it isn’t an online news journal that deals with disability advocacy along with satire which is in a forum of inclusion. 

So if you would like more info on Alison and Bernard as individuals please head over to their individual pages and read their bios and resources!

From the AMCPress Team,