The Following Recap: Lawman on the Lam

Posted: April 16, 2013 by AMCPress & Co in Uncategorized


the-following-s1ep13 300The shine comes off two of Joe’s golden boys in this week’s The Following, which nevertheless ends with an event we’ve been waiting for for some time. And it looks like FBI Nick isn’t the follower many of us thought… but you never know. Let’s review what happened in “Havenport.”

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JIG’S UP| Once Mike recognizes that the Havenport sheriff is Roderick – the voice tips him off – he pulls a gun on the undercover follower. Roderick slips out a side door in the confusion that follows; the FBI soon discovers that the faux lawman is really Tim Nelson, a “golden boy” (like Jacob) who had Joe as his faculty advisor at Winslow. Roderick speeds over to Joe’s mansion, where he announces they’re “royally screwed.” (Exhibit A: his hair. It’s mussed in ways that can only…

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