Mad Men Recap: ‘It’s All About What It Looks Like’

Posted: April 15, 2013 by AMCPress & Co in Uncategorized


mad-men-trudy 300Don’s desire to change his life’s downward trajectory stalls in this week’s Mad Men — or maybe it just gets tired of waiting for him to stop shtupping his neighbor. Meanwhile, Peggy gets a nudge toward becoming a true Mad Woman and Pete has never known the all-encompassing wrath of a suburban housewife scorned… but he’s about to. Let’s review the major developmets that take place in the Jon Hamm-directed “The Collaborators.”

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CARRY ON| At the beginning of the episode, Don has a morning rendezvous with Sylvia Rosen just after her husband leaves for work. As he approaches her doorway, Draper flashes back to what I’m assuming is his first glimpse of a hooker, a tawdry blonde who was sitting in the living room when he and his pregnant stepmother arrived at the whorehouse where his aunt lives. His…

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