Glee Recap: Fear and Bonding at McKinley High

Posted: April 11, 2013 by AMCPress & Co in Uncategorized


Glee-Season-4-Sue-Sylvester-LeavingWarning: If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Glee, you might want to stop reading now. Everyone else, carry on.

Okay, deep breaths. Has everyone recovered enough from tonight’s gut-wrenching Glee that we can get around to the business of discussing it?

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For starters, I know a lot of folks will probably ask if it was “too soon” for Ryan Murphy & Co. to tackle a story arc about gunshots ringing out in the hallways of McKinley High a mere four months after the real and unspeakable shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. I understand that question, but the sad fact is Sandy Hook wasn’t the first tragedy of its kind, nor will it be the last. So perhaps it’s folly to debate the timing of such an episode: You’re either going to go there, or you’re not. You’re…

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